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EBPI Critical Payments Solutions is honored to announce to the market that it has completed its SIP 2018 Certification, an important signal of confidence in terms of security and resilience to its current and future customers. The payments services provider has migrated to SWIFT Access Alliance Version 7.2 and attained the scheduled mandatory Shared Infrastructure Program (SIP) Certification 2018 for its SWIFT Service Bureau – unique in the Netherlands.

Instances of high impact payment fraud in SWIFT’s customers’ local environments in recent past have demonstrated the necessity for industry-wide collaboration to fight against these threats. To counter this risk, SWIFT has launched its Customer Security Program (CSP). From January 2018 inspections and enforcement are in place, deadline for its implementation has been set for end of 2018. EBPI has completed its certification ahead of the deadline.

The recent Shared Infrastructure Programme (SIP) defines operational standards for third-party service bureaux offering SWIFT connectivity – ensuring maximum quality, security and reliability.

EBPI Critical Payments Solutions supports banks, enterprises, processors and FinTechs to innovate and operate payments services and market connectivity. We deliver fast, more flexible for less, but always with the highest standards of security, compliance, availability and performance. Our SaaS solutions offer you a world class Payments Processing Platform based on IBM technology, together with SWIFTNET (instant) access, hosted from the Netherlands.



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