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Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

Do you want to reduce your administrative processes and give significant amounts of data meaning? We offer you the solution for exhaustive Excel sheets with meaningless, unreliable, incomplete and non-validated data. Our services ensure that you have access to and report on structured information so that you can make informed decisions based on real-time validated data.

Standardize digital data

Our platform facilitates the exchange of standardized digital (financial) data from your customers and intermediaries to your organization. Whether you are a bank, insurance company, financier or an organization with administrative core tasks; With our platform we arrange the authentication and data validation for you, whether it is system-to-system (S2S) or human-to-system (H2S) message traffic. We make the automated receipt and validation of data simple. Information is immediately readable for software applications and that results in enormous cost savings in the field of collecting and processing company information.

Platform based on SBR

We offer a platform with which we standardize digital and unstructured data flows for governments, agencies and the business community. We simplify the business processes and help you give meaning to data. For this we use SBR, which stands for Standard Business Reporting or Standard Business Reports.

Business Reporting

With SBR, data is exchanged through a standard structure and definition between parties. As a result, (financial) data of your customers are delivered digitally and standardized to you allowing it to be processed automatically.


The standard structure and definition of SBR is determined by an XBRL taxonomy. The taxonomy is the dictionary that gives context to your data so that parties can use a common language. Therefore there is an unambiguous interpretation of the data and higher quality throughout the chaing. EBPI has years of experience in developing such taxonomies for both government and industry.

How do you get started on our platform?

With our platform you are able to set up a standardized information flow between your customers and yourself. The message traffic takes place via a software link and is managed via the SBR Easy Access (SEA) portal. With SEA lowers the barrier and makes the management of SBR more accessible.


Via an API we connect the existing software of your customers with your systems (S2S). With the press of a button, the data of your customer will arrive safely, structured and automated. This solution is especially interesting if you have clients or intermediaries who regularly deliver large amounts of reports.

Via SBR Easy Access

Via SBR Easy Access we provide you with the same structured information exchange through your own portal in your house style. Your customers do not need to purchase and manage software, but can easily log in to your portal (Human-to-system or H2S) to submit standard business reports.

With one or more forms we make the final translation into user interaction possible through a complex set of taxonomy, business rules (substantive validations) and specifications. This makes it possible to share relevant information across the boundaries of your organization and countries.

5 Reasons to choose SBR Easy Access

1: Standardization with SBR.

SBR is the national standard for the digital exchange of all business reports. In 2017, 38.4 million messages were sent via SBR.

2: Real time validation

Information is sent to you safely and in a structured manner at the touch of a button.

3: 100% compliant

Our services are used by governments, institutions and companies to be 100% compliant and to ensure a high quality standard for structured data, with real-time validation throughout the reporting chain.

4: Simplicity

We simplify and automate your (financial) regulatory functions. Moreover, connecting and using our platform is simple.

5: Data integration

By using a platform you enable your customer to combine data from different systems so that expensive integrations are not necessary.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know in detail how our platform can help you in structuring your data and optimizing your processes?

We’d like to demonstrate our platform to help you simplify and automate your (financial) regulatory functions so that you have validated data and can make informed decisions.

Information about SBR Portals

About EBPI

EBPI has existed for more than 10 years. Our services are set by governments and companies used to be 100% compliant and to ensure a high quality standard for structured data with real-time validation across the entire reporting chain. We have years of experience in developing XBRL taxonomies for SBR.